Finally the Cubs announce the time of the Press Conference tomorrow; Tuesday, October 25th at 11 a.m and will be held at Wrigley Field. Introducing Theo Epstein as new President of Baseball Operation. We still don’t know if the Cubs will introduce new GM Jim Hoyer or if there will be a separate news conference for that. With his assistant GM McLeod. Also, other changes to the front office. Such as…Kenney’s new position.

During the Press Conference, could we hear who Epstein is bringing over from Boston? I would hope too, but that does not sound like a likely scenario. Also, could Theo announce the long awaited compensation going from the Cubs to the Red Sox? That also does not sound likely. But, maybe Epstein and new Red Sox GM Cherrington hammer it out today, so Epstein can announce it tomorrow. That may be more of wishful thinking than anything else from me.

However, the compensation has a deadline of November 1st or Bud Selig will step in and finally finish out the deal. As it appears, the Red Sox/Cubs ‘trade ‘ will be completed soon.

I’m happy that I will be able to see the press conference as I work ’till 9 and could go home to see it live. I want to see if him (Epstein) or Tom says anything surprising. I will try my best to have a write-up of the news that either Eptein or Ricketts says during the press conference.

Anyone else going to watch the long awaited press conference tomorrow?

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