I know this is not a credible site where we can trust fully, but I list the source as credible. Bleacher Nation reports the Cubs and Angels have talked about catcher Geovany Soto and closer Carlos Marmol. Bleacher Nation reported the Angles interest in Marmol and Soto after ESPN’s Buster Olney reported the Angels have pick up their pursuit for a catcher. Also, Ken Rosenthal reported the Angels have interest in Reds’ Ryan Hanigan.

BN says the Cubs have discussed catcher Hank Conger and others. Conger was the only player he mentioned of whom the teams have discussed so far. Conger is a 23 year-old switch hitter. He has not produced in the majors as of yet; however, he is still young and much more can come out of him. I’ve heard he has a good ceiling to post good offensive numbers. I’m not sure on his defensive numbers, but he has allowed a lot of opponents to steal on him. That can still improve, though. The Angles will have to offer more that Conger for sure, but I don’t know who else.

I had a scenario that the Cubs should talk 1B Kendry Morales with the Angels. He’s a 1B who does bat from the left side (switch). He’s only 28 and still young, just entering his prime. Also, he’s cheap as he just made a little under 3 million in 2011. He’ll be entering his 2nd year of arbitration. So…the Cubs don’t have to go out and throw money at Prince Fielder. The Cubs could will put Morales at 1B and can spend money elsewhere like on bigger needs-starting pitching. Names that comes to mention are Cuban’ Yoenis Cespedes and Yu Darvish. Also, the Cubs could take contracts on via trade too. I actually like Morales and think he would be a good option for 1B in 2012. However, Morales has been injured for the past 2 years and we don’t know exactly how he would produce. That also means Morales stock may be lower than ever. One of the Angels top ‘spects is a 1B and that’s Mark Trumbo. He has been in the major leagues too. Also, the Angels have been linked to big time free agent Prince Fielder and if they were to sign Fielder, Morales would be expendable.

The Cubs could ship Soto and Marmol to Los Angeles…but would have to be a pretty good package. Conger and Morales could come to the North side, but they would have to work on the details. I would be fine with either player…

Andrew Cashner or Kerry Wood could close for the Cubs in 2012 in place of Marmol. Also, either Wellington Castillo or Hank Conger could be the starting catcher next year. One the starter and one the back-up. Finally, Koyie Hill will not be on the Cubs next year. A non-tender candidate with trade or not.

Like I mentioned above, Bleacher Nation is not very credible. But take it what it’s worth. If you want to believe it or not, it’s your choice.

I like note that I thought was cool….from Bleacher Nation’s twitter page:

 waldo7239117 Thanks in part to your piece (and Olney’s tweet) I got clearance to share my bit.

@waldo7239117 I may have heard some things I’m not (yet) permitted to share. I’ll just say… that’s a good suggestion. — In response to my Kendry Morales scenario.

Source says #Angels interested in Geo Soto and Carlos Marmol. #Cubs interested in Hank Conger, among others. More soon

I’m waldo72391 and I showed him the trade scenario regarding Kendy Morales and the first two tweets is his answer when he replied to me.


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  1. I use Bleacher Nation as a credible site, but I know there are some out there who wouldn’t.

    I love Bleacher Nation and love his site. A lot of my info comes from BN and I hope it stays up for a while.

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