Happy Thanksgiving to All, 3 Game Line-Up for Turkey Day

First of all I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! I hope your day is full of great food, plenty of football, and hopefully not very many Ndamukong Suh clotheslines.

If you’re traveling, make sure that you’re safe and well entertained. I am writing this post from my DROID Bionic on the road to Thanksgiving lunch about 100 miles away. With a full battery, the NFL Mobile app, and a tank full of gas we’re heading for bat country. Thankfully this battery holds up really well while watching NFL network streaming live, otherwise my 2 hour drive would be very boring.

I only advise that you divulge in keeping yourself entertained during your travels with your phone if you’re not driving. That can’t help you from listening in on the NFL Network coverage though. With 3 games being played today, there is plenty of pre-game coverage on all 3 match-ups right now.

  • 12:30 EST – Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions
  • 4:15 EST – Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys
  • 8:20 – San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens
After almost 2 hours of listening to coverage, here are my picks for the games today. Green Bay over Detroit in a high scoring shoot out. Dallas over Miami in a convincing fashion. San Francisco over Baltimore in a game where whoever has the last possession, should win it.
It’s a very big day for fantasy football as some leagues are about to start the playoffs. Pay attention to the waiver wire as a couple very key injuries happened this past week that have brought forth some possible pick-ups. If these guys are available, be sure to snatch them up quick.
  • RB Toby Gerhart, Minnesota Vikings. (Adrian Peterson ankle injury)
  • RB CJ Spiller, Buffalo Bills (Fred Jackson season ending injury)
  • QB Kyle Orton, Kansas City Chiefs (No injury, just claimed by KC)
  • WR James Jones, Green Bay Packers (Jennings has shin, could be limited)

That’s all we got for now. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody!

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I have received a Motorola Droid Bionic from Verizon Wireless free of charge, in return for my agreement to blog about my experiences with the Droid Bionic. Although I have a material connection to Verizon Wireless, any publicy stated opinions of Verizon Wireless and their products remain my own.


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