Greg Maddux Leaving Cubs Organization

According to the Chicago Tribune, Greg Maddux will be leaving the Cubs organization. He was the special assistant to now ex general manager Jim Hendry. He could potentially take the same position in the Texas Rangers organization. Joining his brother Mike Maddux who retained his pitching coach job. If you remember Mike Maddux was in the running to be the Red Sox and Cubs manager. But Mike decided to drop out of the Red Sox race, citing family matters. Since he didn’t do the same with the Cubs, many thought he was the favor to land the Cubs gig. In fact he was, but at the last minute, Maddux¬†decided to drop out of contention and cited the same reason…family concerns.

The Epstein did all he can to retain Greg Maddux, but Maddux probably wanted to be on the same team as his brother. You can’t say, Epstein didn’t try because he did. Many thought if Mike decided to take the Cubs job, Greg would of stayed and potentially be the pitching coach. That could of happened, but it’s over and done with now.

Greg Maddux also has family concerns as his daughter as severe migraines…that’s why he took a easy job in the Cubs organization. Where he can be with his family as much as possible and still be in baseball.

It’s sad to say bye to Maddux, but he’s a family man and his decision seems right. Good luck Greg Maddux, a Future Hall of Famer!

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