Julius Peppers Named NFC Defensive Player of Month for November.

What glorious news! Julius Peppers has been honored as the defensive player of the month for November. As I write this out, I am suddenly very greatful for 3 things…

  1. Carolina Panthers not wishing to pay JULIUS PEPPERS the money he was worth, allowing him to come to Chicago.
  2. My droid bionic, as I am writing this post from my couch on my phone.
  3. Happy Endings on ABC , I am getting my comedy TV show fix. Sweet….Sweet…..multi-tasking.
What better way to kickstart a 4 day weekend than to find out Peppers is being honored for the 2nd straight November as Defensive player of the month. Sure it’s great to receive the accolade but more importantly it displays Peppers ability to perform at a high level when we need him the most.

If he was playing great in August, that wouldn’t help us in our playoff run. Peppers had 2 sacks last week against the Oakland Raiders. In Cutler’s absence, we need Peppers to keep the pressure high on opposing Quarterbacks.

For the second straight year and third time in his career, Julius Peppers has been named NFC Defensive Player of the Month for November.

The Chicago Bears defensive end won the award last November and while playing for the Carolina Panthers in November 2004, and also was honored for his play in October of 2006 with the Panthers.

In four November games this season, Peppers had six tackles, four sacks, one tackle for loss, 10 quarterback pressures and three pass break ups. His four sacks were tied for most in the NFC and his 33 sack yards led the conference.

During the month, the Bears defense led the NFC and was third in the NFL in passer rating (62.9) and third in the NFC and fifth in the NFL in rushing defense (81 yards per game).

Source: Chicago Tribune

As noted earlier in the post, I am writing this post from my Droid Bionic. I am taking away just enough time from watching Happy Endings and playing Angry Birds to get some news out to Bear fans on a slow Wednesday night. It’s definitely awesome to get news up a lot faster when posting articles from my phone. You may have noticed how our news reporting has picked up over the past 2 months.

For those that also have a Droid Bionic, leave a comment letting us know your favorite features so we can try them out. Oh yeah, you can also comment on how awesome and scary Julius Peppers is. 

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