Chris Bosio Officially the Cubs New Pitching Coach

According to, Chris Bosio confirms that he’ll be the Cubs new pitching coach for the 2012 season. We heard about a few weeks back, that new Cubs manager Dale Sveum interview Chris Bosio for the pitching coach opening. Sveum knows Bosio as both were coaches for the Milwaukee Brewers. However, Bosio manly was the pitching coach for their Triple A team. But Bosio did work with Sveum on the big league staff before.

Bosio had to say this when asked about being the new Cubs pitching coach:

“All of those long-suffering Cubs fans, their will to win, their want to win, their passion to win, it’s going to be a lot of good energy.’’

“It’s going to be agonizing at times, and rewarding as well. That’s the rigors of the season. But we’re going to try and create some magic at Wrigley.’’

“I just can’t tell you how excited I am, number one, to be working with Dale,’’ said Bosio. “When he offered me the job as pitching coach of the Chicago Cubs, to hear him say that, knowing the confidence he has in me, that’s a great feeling. We’re going to be prepared, are going to have intensity and a lot of enthusiasm.’’

Chris Bosio had to say this when asked about Carlos Zambrano:

“There’s a reason he has a 125-81 career record,’’ said Bosio. “He’s overpowering at times and he’s a competitor first and foremost. Those are great qualities to have when you’re looking for a front-line starting pitcher. But he lets his emotions get the best of him. That’s what makes him tick, but he has to get those under control a little more. Like a lot of guys with high emotions, he can be his own worst enemy. At times he’s strung too tight.’’

Chris Bosio had never met Theo Epstein before and after the interview with Epstein/Hoyer, Bosio said he was impressed:

“I was sold in the interview process on Theo and Jed and, obviously, Dale,’’ said Bosio. “Just everything they said, the direction they want to go and their motivation to win and bring a world’s championship to Chicago. They’re intelligent baseball guys. I’m excited to be a part of this process and a great organization that’s known around the world.’’

Chris Bosio and Dale Sveum go back farther that I thought…. both played each other in high school football, when both were in California. Also, both played with each other as a player with the Milwaukee Brewers from 1986-1991 and both were on the coaching staff during the 2009 season (not the whole season, though).

The Cubs’ coaching staff is starting to take form… Rudy Jaramillo will be retained as the hitting coach, Lester Strode will stick as the bullpen coach, Pat Listach will be a base coach (in 2011, Listach was the bench coach), Jamie Quirk will be the bench coach and now Chris Bosio will be the pitching coach. Ivan DeJesus, Bobby Dernier and Mark Riggins will not be on Dale Sveum’s 2012 staff.

The Cubs still plan on making an offer to Craig Counsell if he does in fact retire. The Brewers decided not to re-sign Counsell. If Counsell does retire, the Brewers are also planning to offer him a contract as a coach. If the Cubs did sign Counsell (meaning he retired), he could round out the Cubs coaching staff and be the other base coach across from Pat Listach. Chris Bosio’s is expected to be announced the Cubs pitching coach next week and the whole coaching staff could be announced that week too.


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