Rockies Offered Ian Stewart for Blake DeWitt

Update: As I was writing the article, the Denver Post updated us…sayin’ Ian Stewart is available, but does not look like a Stewart/DeWitt trade will happen. It sounds like the Rockies took the offer off the table. I guess we’ll see if the trade does re-surface or if new names are brought into discussions.

Update #2: The Rockies would rather have Tyler Colvin that Blake DeWitt, per Denver Post. Now I’m more skeptical on making a trade.

According to the Denver Post, the Colorado Rockies offered 3B Ian Stewart to the Cubs for INF Blake DeWitt. Both of whom could be non-tender candidates. The trade does not look very appealing, but a change of scenery for both could be the right move. Stewart was once considered a highly touted prospect. As he was number 1 in the Rockies minor league system. Not only once, but twice (2005 and 2006). The Rockies have already traded catcher Chris Iannetta and U Ty Wigginton this off-season and next they want to trade Ian Stewart along with RP Huston Street.

According to the report, the main reason the Rockies want to trade Stewart is because he’s blocking a good prospect in Nolan Arenado. We can say…why not use Stewart as their 2nd? But the report also mentions, the Rockies think Chris Nelson would do good as their 2nd if he’s given a chance. The Rox want a veteran off their bench and who can play in stretches if needed, that’s where Blake DeWitt comes in. Both players will not earn the team a World Series ring, but could help in achieving that goal.

Ian Stewart dealt with injuries duing the 2011 season  and played like he was injured. In 2011, Stewart just hit a pathetic .154 with 0 home runs. 0 home runs from a guy who has power…interesting. He’s not a base-stealer and plays below average defense (ugh, yeah the Cubs need another bad defender). However, DeWitt was not great with the glove too. I have more faith in the 26 year-old in producing that DeWitt. Stewart has had an OK season(s) and could put together a nice season.

Even if the Cubs did acquire Stewart, there’s no guarantee he would start and make the team out of spring training. Or if he did make the team out of spring training, it could be off the bench. Also, that means the Cubs could look at free agency or trades for another 3B. I can actually see that happening.

Cub fans won’t miss Blake DeWitt, so him leaving would be no big deal. I do see him being traded or non-tendered, but I guess it all depends on what other moves the Cubs make.

The Dever Post also says, talks have hit a roadblock, but could re-surface on Sunday when the Winter Meetings is about to begin. I’m for the trade…if the offer is/was on the table.


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