Bears RB Matt Forte Gets PRP Injection in Hopes of Healing Faster


Matt Forte would not offer a timetable Tuesday night for his return to the playing field.

The Bears running back also said he has no regrets about not accepting the Bears’ best contract extension offer early in the season despite suffering a sprained right knee ligament Sunday that could put him out for the season.

“I feel all right. I have good range of motion,” Forte said during a promotional appearance at Water Tower Place. “I’m here, standing up and walking around, so obviously that’s good. MCLs usually don’t take a whole lot of time to get back. But it does vary from two to as long as six weeks. I don’t want to make any predictions because I really don’t know. I got a (platelet rich plasma) injection this morning that is supposed to make it heal faster.”

Regarding his public dispute over a contract extension, Forte added:

“I have no regrets. I did extremely well this year. If there were any doubts, I answered them. .At any time, you can be injured. Thank God I don’t need surgery (and a) long rehab.”

Forte has gained 997 yards on the ground (4.9 average) and caught 52 passes for 490 yards, despite publicly expressing his disappointment that the Bears have not offered the type of guaranteed money he thinks he deserves.

“This year has been great even though I’m battling through the contract negotiations,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that with four games left, I have an injury,” he said. “But hopefully this injury gets healed up.”

Forte suffered the injury in the first quarter of Sunday’s 10-3 loss to the Chiefs.

“I have seen the play many times,” Forte said. “The guy (Derrick Johnson) made a good play. He slipped the block. A lot of guys go low in the league now. So I was counting on that block to be made (by tight end Matt Spaeth). There was nobody else outside, so it was going to be a big play. (Johnson) made a good play.”

Source: Chicago Tribune


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