After three fantastic years from Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls management rewarded him with a five year, $94.8 million contract extension on Tuesday. This comes after the inception of the “Derrick Rose Rule,” which allows Derrick to earn an extra 5% of the salary cap on his contract because he met the benchmark of winning MVP under his rookie contract.

What more can I say? Derrick was the Most Valuable Player in the league last season, and he clearly deserves to be paid as such. It’s slightly unfortunate that the new Rose Rule will pull us closer to the luxury tax barrier, but it is easily worth it to keep Derrick Rose in town long term. It was up to management to get this done quickly, and they passed with flying colors.

To sum things up, we have to realize that we just signed Derrick Rose to a guaranteed contract until he is 29 years old. He did not ask for an opt out, and he had no interest in trying to team up with another star. This is just more proof that Derrick does things the right way, and his single motivation is to win a championship with the Chicago Bulls. Let’s hope he gets there.

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