The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Jerry Angelo is out as Bears General Manager. Many Bear fans have been calling for Angelo’s exit for many years and it’s finally here. It’s hard to write on the developing story because, I am in utter shock that it has finally happened. Brad Biggs reported the news not too long ago…

A public that has largely been calling for sweeping changes at Halas Hall has gotten its wish: Jerry Angelo will not return as general manager of the Chicago Bears for a 12th season, multiple NFL sources told the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday.

Whether Angelo, who had a contract through 2013, retired or was released is not yet known. But he will not be back, bringing much more into question for the franchise.

The team has yet to make an announcement.

Now that it looks like Angelo’s exit is all but confirmed by the team, here are 5 things we can look forward to this off-season.

  1. Matt Forte will get his pay day. Forte has been the work horse of the Chicago Bears since he was drafted out of Tulane. He deserves a large pay day and the front office, under Angelo, wasn’t willing to give him the money he deserves. Whoever our new GM is, expect them to realize the importance of Forte to this franchise and make it rain.
  2. Competent Free agency. No longer will our free agency pick-ups be headlined by the likes of Roy Williams and Marion Barber. Expect our new general manager to go after players who aren’t washed up Cowboy players. Unless it’s Sam Hurd and he just needs to re-up.
  3. New things to complain about. No longer will everything revert back to “It’s all Jerry Angelo’s fault”. We will have new things to complain about from here on out. Expect Lovie Smith to get the unfiltered criticism from here on out. Bear fans will have to get creative about what we complain about now.
  4. Competent Drafting. No longer will we be wasting 5th round picks on a QB the team is too scared to even let play in Week 17 after we’ve missed out on the playoffs. That is just one example of boneheaded drafting of many by the Angelo led front office. If our area of concern is offensive line and WR, expect our new GM to actually draft to address those needs.
  5. FireLovieSmith.Org, the popular made it’s rounds on Facebook and Twitter to many Bears fans. Expect a campaign much like this one for Jerry, to pop up for Lovie.
What are you looking forward to with Angelo out of the picture? Let us know in the comments section below!


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