ChiCitySports live from the Auto Show in Chicago

ChiCitySports was lucky enough to get media day passes to the Chicago Auto Show today. Two of our writers made the trip to the McCormick Place in Chicago to check out the newest models in the car industry.

9:00 am: Both┬áChris Jelinek and Zack Pearson arrive and hit the showroom floor. Very impressed with the size of the show. Zack’s never been, and this is Chris first trip back in six years. The first thing they notice is the Blackhawks Camaro at the Chevy Blackhawks booth. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are scheduled to be at the show on Sunday.

9:23: The free food and drinks here are insane. Treated myself to a nice breakfast compliments of Nissan. Majority of the booths offered us food and drinks. The lady at BP even gave us a bunch of energy drinks…which is worth it to a college student.

9:45: Took a ride in the new Jeep Compass. Went up a ramp at a 35 degree angle with ease, and right down like it was nothing.

10:30: Hit up the more expensive luxury car section at the show. Went to BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillac, etc. There’s some real nice cars. Saw a $375,000 Mercedes, only 110 of them made and 3 of them are in Chicago.

11:10: Time for lunch as we spent $8.00 on Pizza. Welcome to Chicago.

12:45: Auto-Show for the Media Day is wrapping up. Looks like they are setting up for the big charity event tonight. $250 a ticket… ouch.

1:15: Last time walking around the main floor, going around many booths.

Here’s some pics from the show so far… more coming.





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  • February 9, 2012 at 12:03 PM

    So great that you got media comps. Keep the coverage coming

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