Is Cespedes Close to Being a Marlin?

Update: According to Clark Spencer, the Miami Marlins offer to Yoenis Cespedes was less that the 40 million previously reported. That’s why I said don’t write off the Cubs. Because, you know, there are always conflicting reports.

According to Cafe Fuerte, the Miami Marlins have made a 6 year offer to Cuban’ Yoenis Cespedes. The report says it’s worth about 40 million, that comes to 6.7 million annually. Cespedes, who recently entered the United States on a visitor’s visa, has returned to the Dominican Republic. Cespedes only met with the Marlins before returning to his home country. As of right now, Cespedes agent Adam Katz said Cespedes has no more meetings scheduled with any teams and have no plans on announcing his decision.

Katz told ESPN Deportes; “We had a good meeting.  The Marlins made an impressive presentation.  The talks were productive, but there are also other teams.”

We do not exactly know if Cespedes will meet with any teams and when if he does. Other teams to have interest are the Cubs, White Sox, Orioles and Tigers. The only team that I think will battle the Marlins for Cespedes services (not being bias) are the Chicago Cubs. They are the most committed to International free agents and have been all over Cespedes since he popped into the headlines.

Cespedes seems to have the most interest in the Marlins and thinks he can really help them. Also, Cespedes said he can do real damage at new Marlins stadium.

Why am I telling you this since it’s about Cespedes and the Marlins? The Cubs were sought to have the most interest in Cespedes and were the favorite to sign him. However, if the Marlins did offer 6 and 40, he would be stupid not to take the offer. I don’t think a team will offer a contract to match the Marlins. Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training in about a week and I bet Cespedes will be in Marlins camp.

If Cespedes does in fact sign with the Marlins, look for the Cubs to go all out on another Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler. He’s yet to become a free agent. As Soler has not gain residency in the Dominican Republic. Since Soler is 19-years old, he fits more into the Cubs plans than Cespedes does. Some say Soler could be a 5-tool player and even be better than Cespedes. No one knows when he’ll become a free agent, but I heard either June or July.

What does the non-signing of Cespedes mean for the Cubs? It could mean 1 main thing … the Cubs shuffling their outfield probably won’t happen. That means, Soriano and/or Byrd will not be traded to clear a spot on the roster. Many thought if the Cubs were to sign Cespedes, theb Cubs will trade one of Byrd or Soriano. But that probably won’t happen, if the Cubs come up empty handed.

However, don’t write the Cubs out on Cespedes … a team can jump out of no where and sign a player. As they want the player a lot and think that one player can push the team to the top. Look at the Los Angels Angels with Albert Pujols and the Detroit Tigers with Prince Fielder. Those 2 moves are perfect examples.


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  • February 13, 2012 at 10:48 AM

    I like the direction the Cubs have gone this offseason. They have added athletes; grinders; and have improved roster in my belief from last year both short term and long term. Soler seems to fit in with this as well. Although I would have loved to have added Prince Fielder, I am good with where the Cubs are going.

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