Theo Epstein Compensation FINALLY Resolved!!!!

I know many of you are happy to see the words “Theo Epstein’s compensation to Boston is finally resolve” in one sentence. I would like to say me too. There have been back and fourth reports saying it’ll be done and it’s not even close all Winter. It has been annoying and if we should believe the report or not. We all came to the idea of not believing any report until the official announcement came down. Now we should be able to believe the report as more than one reporter has said an announcement will be made today. Not to mention, no Cubs reporter is chiming in on the matter … go figure.

Before the player was announced, reports have said the player will be a pitcher on the Cubs 40-man roster. When the first report said that, a lot of us thought Chris Carpenter would be the guy going to Boston. Other players that are on the 40-man roster that fits the mold of going to Boston are … right-handed pitchers Alberto Cabrera, Trey McNutt, Rafael Dolis, Casey Coleman and lefty Jeff Beliveau.

…and the official player going to the Red Sox IS Chris Carpenter and a player to be named later, tweets a Cubs reporter (Paul Sullivan). So … many of us predicted right. I’m going to miss Carpetner, but I think it’s a fair player going to the Red Sox. Carpenter whom is a 26 year old right-handed pitcher was drafted by the Cubs in the 3rd round of the 2008 draft. Carpenter had a really good chance to make the ‘pen out of spring training and I think he still does with the Red Sox. A player that could make the ‘pen out of spring training in place of Carpenter in Rafael Dolis. I wish the best for Carpenter on a new journey! I wonder who the PTBNL is … nothing to worry about, though.

The Cubs will also receive a player to be name later … interesting!

All of this started when Tom Ricketts wanted to hire Theo Epstein. The Cubs could not just sign Epstein since he was still on contract with Boston. Since the Cubs and Boston could not come up with a deal in the week or so they were talking, Theo Epstein decided to resign with Boston and sign with the Cubs on October 21st. Then both teams would come up with the compensation at a later date [a later DATE indeed]. However, people didn’t think the player should be too good because Epstein had 1 year on his contract, took a promotion and was not close to owner John Henry.

Since both teams had trouble coming up with the compensation, the owner of the Red Sox was getting aggravated and decided to leave the compensation in Bud Selig’s hand. Last week both teams sent in lists of players to Selig to make it eaiser on him and try to find the most fair deal.

Also, the Cubs are expected to send a low-level prospect to the San Diego Padres for the Cubs taking Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod. People think the Cubs have a player the Cubs will send over and are just waiting for the Theo Epstein compensation to be resolved. The San Diego Padres compensation could be resolve today too, but we don’t know for sure.

I’m just glad to say … Theo Epstein is officially a Cub and we can get are mind to baseball! It’s over!!!!


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