Thornton looks for redemption on 2 fronts this year. When asked about closing games last year, Thornton said, “Last year I blew it, Part of it was bad luck, part of it was bad timing.” The reliever blew 4 straight saves in the beginning of the season and was unable to regain the job after Sergio Santos took it over. But with the trade of Santos the Sox need to replace his 30 saves.

Thornton would be a candidate for that job, a fact that new Manager Robin Ventura pointed out on 670 the Score, “Matt is probably the guy to do that”, but when camp start Ventura was much more noncommittal on the issue, “I’m not going to pinpoint anything right now, just get spring going and see how it goes”.

Thornton let his feelings be known on the closers job, “I don’t care, either way. I’m going to help this team wins games.” He also added, If they want me to be the closer, so be it. That’s the way it is. It’s Robin’s job at the end.”

His second issue he wants to redeem is the Sox poor play vs. the Tigers last year “It wasn’t so much we lost to them. They embarrassed us numerous times.” Which is the truth as the Tigers outscored the Sox 111-62 and beat them 13 of 18. Thornton said, “They’re the favorites right now. They have a great team and I look forward to facing them.”

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