Safety Solution? Looking at the Bears Apparent Interest in LaRon Landry

Just one of the players tied to the Chicago Bears recently has been Safety LaRon Landry.

This news was broken by both Roto and ESPN Chicago reporter Michael C. Wright. On the surface that would seem like a really nice and good signing to go along with possibly Kamerion Wimbley, whom the Bears have also been reportedly interested in, if he were to be released. Now with the reported interested in linebacker David Hawthorne, would show that the Bears know this defense could be on the last legs and the Bears know that.

They are going for it all, while trying to infuse youth through draft. History shows this isn’t necessarily easy, it can be done. They are trying to fill needs on the defensive front. But back on topic.

As stated before Landry on the surface sounds like a great signing to almost everybody, including myself. Though he has his pros and cons (like all athletes), I’ll take you through what I feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the supremely athletic safety.


The man is a highlight reel hit waiting to happen, he can force fumbles and wreak havoc from the safety position. Something that is essential from the turnover aspect in the cover 2 defensive scheme.

Not football related, is that he has the physique of a greek god, it’s almost stupid how bulky and cut this guy is at the Safety position.

Good football instincts and understands what he supposed to do in a given scheme reportedly. Along with having the size to cover these freakish Tight Ends are now becoming a fixture in nearly all offenses.


He’s been bit by the injury bug, having missed 15 games the past 2 seasons. This past season he missed time with an achilles injury that he didn’t get surgically repaired.

He’s also gotten more muscle on his frame, to the point of looking like a linebacker, rather than a safety. One has wonder if he’s lost his explosiveness to remain a safety.

Tends to free lance at times and makes dumb plays (i.e. Meriweather). He’s just lucky he has out of this world athleticism to compensate for his lapse in judgement at times.

Also he’s a very emotional player, though it can also get the best of him at times, resulting in silly penalties.


As a Bears fan, on the surface I love the potential signing. But upon digging a bit deeper, I’m skeptical and I would love him but I would really take this potential signing with a grain of salt. As you just don’t know what to expect from him as he’s a very inconsistent safety. But he could be a very “boom” worthy Free Agent, along with coming a bit cheaper than he normally would coming off a healthy season.

In the end, if he comes at the price he’s actually worth, I would say do it and don’t look back as safety has been a position of need since the oft-injured Mike Brown was let go.

One thought on “Safety Solution? Looking at the Bears Apparent Interest in LaRon Landry

  • March 12, 2012 at 1:31 PM

    Landry is all-stud.
    Or is he?
    Anyone that looks this muscular … makes me wonder how legal the musculature is.
    I hate to question the man’s character, but this is the sporting world we live in.
    I hope it’s all legit.
    With this guy’s body he might be able to play LB and SS – at the same time!

    Photo of muscles:

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