Bears acquire Brandon Marshall

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall were tweeting earlier this year about how fun it would be to play together again.

Their wish just came true.

Around 2:50 pm CST, news broke that the Chicago Bears had acquired wide receiver Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins for a 2012 third round pick, and a 2013 third round pick. Bears fans everywhere rejoiced.

That’s because the Bears finally got their number one receiver they have been looking for since, well forever. Marshall now instantly becomes one of the best receivers in the Bears organization.

Oh, did I mention him and Jay Cutler also have chemistry from their days in Denver? As Culter is re-united with his former quarterback coach Jeremy Bates, Cutler now gets re-united with his favorite target in Denver.

The Bears have a steal in this deal. They still have three high draft picks this year, including a third round pick. They also have cash to bring in a big name free agent like Mario Williams.

Do the Bears now look for wide receiver in first round? Or do they focus on offensive line or defense?



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