My 25-Man Roster and Projections

Since today is an off day, I would go ahead and see who will earn the last spots on the roster, line-up and pitching rotation:

1) RF David DeJesus: .276, 14 HR and 62 rbi’s
2) CF Marlon Byrd: .283, 15 HR and 65 rbi’s
3) SS Starlon Castro: .302, 11 HR and 77 rbi’s
4) 1B Brian LaHair: .244, 17 HR, 55 rbi’s
5) LF Alfonso Soriano: .252, 25 HR and 79 rbi’s
6) 3B Ian Stewart: .267, 19 HR and 82 rbi’s
7) C Geovany Soto: .280, 22 HR and 75 rbi’s
8) 2B Darwin Barney: .283, 2 HR and 45 rbi’s

Pitching Rotation:
1) Ryan Dempster: 12-11, .385 era and 188 K’s
2) Matt Garza: 16-13, 343 era and 212 K’s
3) Paul Maholm: 10-10, 398 era and 164 K’s
4) Jef Samardzija: 8-10, 430 era and 160 K’s
5) Chris Volstad: 14-9, 351 era and 130 K’s

CL) Carlos Marmol: 2-4, 365 era, 65 K’s and 39 saves
Set-up) Kerry Wood: 3-1, 345 era and 42 K’s
RP) Rafael Dolis: 5-3, 2.95 era and 30 K’s
RP) Lendy Castillo: 2-5, 430 era and 25 K’s
RP) Randy Wells: 6-5, 405 era and 37 K’s
RP) James Russell: 4-4, 377 era and 45 K’s
RP) Scott Maine: 3-4, 400 era and 23 K’s

1) C Steve Clevenger: .250, 7 HR and 42 rbi’s
2) OF/IF Jeff Baker: .270 avg, 7 HR and 50 rbi’s
3) OF/IF Joe Mather: .266, 11 HR and 60 rbi’s
4) OF Reed Johnson: .283, 7 HR and 39 rbi’s
5) U Blake DeWitt: .262, 9 HR and 46 rbi’s

*Marlon Byrd’s stats are for all year. I expect him to be traded so the team he’s traded to too.
*Brian LaHair’s projections may be low, but I expect Rizzo to take over sooner than later
*There’s a chance Randy Wells will be traded and if so, Manny Corpas will take his spot in the bullpen.
*Travis Wood, Casey Coleman and Rodrigo Lopez go to Triple A and start, no bullpen.
*If the Cubs don’t care to lose Lendy Castillo, Corpas takes spot. If Wells is traded, Sonnanstine goes to ‘pen too.
*Steve Clevenger has looked better than Castillo and why he’ll make roster.
*Soriano’s stats may be a little low, but he could move into a platoon role or be traded.

Well that’s mine and let’s see what decisions Dale Sveum and staff make.


I'm going to JJC to become a police officer, I will get my Associate's degree after this semester. Then next semester I may go to Lewis Unniversity to finish my Bachlor's degree. I write for my beloved Cubs because I like too and it's fun. Go Cubs!

2 thoughts on “My 25-Man Roster and Projections

  • March 21, 2012 at 8:51 AM

    So you are looking at Soto to have a good healthy year? I hope so.

  • March 21, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    I do. He hasn’t looked bad in spring training and I think it’ll carry over. Maybe a little lower, but close. If his years continues, he’s due for a good year. Year 1 – good, year 2 – not good, year 3 – good, year 4 not good. So … if that holds up, he’s in for a good year.

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