It’s been a busy few days here in Chicago as the Bulls prepare to head into this Saturday’s playoffs.

The first news came from the NBA, and it was that the Bulls will open the playoffs on Saturday against the Philadelphia 76ers at 1 ET/12 CT. The full playoff schedule can be found HERE.

The second big news has to do with the defending MVP. According to Newsday, Derrick Rose topped the NBA in jersey sales this season. Rounding out the top five are Rose, Jeremy Lin, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. It’s a pretty huge accomplishment for Rose, and shows not only his popularity around the league, but also the global popularity of his Chicago Bulls. Hopefully with another healthy season, we will see a new generation of Chicago Bulls converts who want to buy the Rose #1.

Finally, the Bulls finally officially locked up the top overall seed in the NBA this season for the second year in a row with their win over the Cavaliers. The team finished with a 50-16 record, which is equivalent to 62 wins in an 82 game season. More impressive is that they accomplished this despite 27 missed games overall for their MVP Derrick Rose.

Knowing that the Bulls had a successful season, Bulls fans should be cautiously optimistic heading into the playoffs that if Derrick Rose can return from injury, that the Bulls will be legit contenders for the NBA title.

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