Well, coming into this season for the Cubs, no one expected much from this team, in Theo’s 1st year of reigning in the Friendly Confines. In fact most of Cub Nation as it were would be absolutely ecstatic over a .500 season. Though this team is no where near contention for at least another 2-3 seasons. With the hopeful arrivals of both Anthony Rizzo and Brett Jackson later this season, presumably after a deal where either Soriano or DeJesus are moved.

Currently the Cubs stand at 12-17 and in 5th place. But there are a few bright spots early on in this season. The first one being the “Shark,” whom after tonight’s game is 4-1 with a 3.03 ERA and looks to have actually figured everything out in terms of pitch location, changing speeds and of course missing the bat, with a stunning 9 K/9.

But that isn’t even the biggest surprise that comes to mind, the surprise I’m talking about is not so little after all, that surprise actually stands 6’5 and weighs in at right around 240 pounds . This beacon of light (no matter how small the beacon maybe) known as Bryan LaHair has proven many doubters wrong (for the time being). Currently LaHair is hitting is hitting .388 with and OBP of .479 and slugging .800. To go along with the tune of 8 homeruns, 9 doubles and 31 hits overall, meaning 54.8% of all of his hit have gone for extra bases, and lead to 17 RBIs. He is also manning 1st base relatively well, having saved his team approximately .6 runs fielding wise (via fangraphs) and having UZR and UZR150 of .6 and 5.0 respectively.

This is more than any of could’ve hoped for coming from a 29 year old rookie with a very odd looking swing. Hopefully he can keep it up, and when Rizzo is called up he can man one of the corner outfield positions if they keep him around, or better yet, net the Cubs and their farm system some nice pieces for a contending team. Either way it’s been a very nice start and I, as well as the rest of Cubs nation, hopes he keeps it up.

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