In what’s going to be a long road to recovery, Derrick Rose successfully underwent left knee surgery to repair his torn ACL Saturday morning at Rush University Medical Center. The man behind the knife was none other than team physician Dr. Brian Cole.

The average time it takes a torn ACL to heal is seven to nine months. This would mean the Bulls would be playing without Rose until near the All-Star break of the 2012-2013 season. However, the doctors have told Rose he could be playing basketball again as soon as four months.

I’m sure by ‘play basketball’ in four months they probably meant ‘shoot a friendly game of HORSE’.

The Bulls definitely won’t want to take any chances with this injury, and should wait until he’s 110% before bringing Derrick back, even if it means not getting him back until the third quarter of the season, and winding up with a six, seventh or eight seed in the playoffs.

After all, as we’ve seen two years in a row now, having the top seed doesn’t really mean anything. It’s having a complete, healthy team, that’s going to bring in the ring.

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