It’s almost that time again folks! Fantasy Football is right around the corner and ChiCitySports is here to provide you with a slew of funny fantasy football team names for the 2012 season.

The only thing more important than maneuvering the waiver wire at 2AM after Monday Night Football is having a catchy, offensive, or funny team name. If you have a funny team name that isn’t in our list, be sure to let us know in the comments section. 

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Best, Funny, Offensive, and Clever Fantasy Football Generic Team Names for 2012

Run DMC – Fantasy Football is all about snagging the top running back. Guys like Arian Foster and Chris Johnson have dominated in years’ past, this year Darrin McFadden of the Oakland Raiders is going to be among the top backs. He had a great season last year and the Raiders will stick with the PeeWee football concept of “giving the ball to the fast kid every play”. Oh yeah, his initials are also the same as a popular hip-hop group a long time ago…you may have heard of them.

She Gotta Gronk – Rob Gronkowski burst onto the scene of the NFL last season destroying TE records for most touchdowns caught in a season. Patriots QB Tom Brady found himself his new favorite target. Many are asking if how he will follow up that amazing season in 2012. It shouldn’t matter how he does because even if he catches…you know…single digit touchdowns instead of double digit touchdowns, Gronk is still a bro. He’s the most bro player in the entire NFL. As evidenced by him throwing down shortly after the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl on the dance floor and taking shirtless pictures with porn stars. Unfortunately his name aligns itself well with the popular shitty song I remember hearing on the radio “She Gotta Donk”.

Ice Cold Bruschi’s – Who doesn’t love a good ESPN analyst that used to be a player? Tedy Bruschi ever since becoming an ESPN analyst has pissed off a lot of people and been forced to apologize to them or reference how crazy he was acting. He makes for good television especially when he goes off on people like Ocho Cinco. If Bruschi can take anything away from Rob Gronkowski, it’s that he needs to just chill out, be a bro, and drink some ice cold bruschi’s.

Paea Forte – A Chicago sports site just HAD to get in a Bears team name. Get it? PAY FORTE! Well, not so fast. Bears fans are all about getting Matt Forte signed to a contract that will make him happy but, can we all agree that Matt just needs to shut the hell up? Forte is frustrated with how the front office is handling his contract situation and I am right there with him but, going to the media is the wrong thing to do. I am not on the #PayForte train but I am on the #PayForteArespectableAmountOfMoneySoHeShutsUp train. Get it done Phil Emery!

You Say Goodbye, I say Helu! – I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say Helu!!!! The popular Beatles song “You say goodbye, I say Hello” just so happens to be the perfect lyric to switch out the word for Hello, in exchange for Roy Helu’s last name. The amount of cleverness taken to come up with this one was minimal but, it shall get the job done for fantasy owners that wish to draft Roy Helu.

The White Mike Vicks – At the beginning of last season, ESPN published a story entitled “What if Michael Vick were white?”. Not only was the article stupid but, it was accompanied by a photoshopped picture of Michael Vick…..if he was white. There is no further description needed. This is gold.

Gayless for Bayless – It wouldn’t be an accurate list if we didn’t somehow include Skip Bayless. Bayless plays the “obnoxious bad guy” role on ESPN’s First Take. He is often slobbing on Tim Tebows’ jock for completing less than 50% of his passes or hating on LeBron James. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit the guy is entertaining. When he gets torn to shreds by Mark Cuban and the video is passed around the internet like 2 Girls, 1 Cup was, you know he’s at the very least culturally relevant to the sports world. I personally love Skip Bayless, not because he ever makes sense but, because he is a master troll.

Rashard Mendenladen – You may remember when Rashard Mendenhall of the Steelers tweeted about Bin Ladens’ death. If you don’t, you most definitely remember the backlash. Mendenhall tweeted “What kind of person celebrates DEATH? It’s amazing how people can hate a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side”. Whether you agree with him or not, the “THIS IS MURRICA!” ideal fully set in. This is an entire season late but, since we didn’t publish it last season, it definitely deserves it!

Matt and Julio Down by the Schoolyard – If there is one thing in life I could teach any of you reading this, it’s that Paul Simon is a wonderful musician and is the man. Another thing I can teach you is that a Matt Ryan and Julio Jones combination this season could be very beneficial to you. Pay homage to Paul Simon, Matty Ice, and Julio Jones with this bomb ass team name.

Off in Church – Your opponent never wants to claim they are “beating off in church”. For that reason, this makes Off in Church the ULTIMATE fantasy football team name.


If you have some good fantasy team names, leave a comment and share it with the world! Or don’t bitch.

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  1. Mike Bradberry

    Ha i love these, i probably spend equal time naming my team as i do making a draft board.

    Stump the Schaub
    High off the Weeden
    Two lovely Coples

  2. I beat this guy in the finals last year that had Romo and I won by like 12 pts. His new team name: RomoF’dMeofMyFFTitle

  3. I can’t take credit for it but I can’t believe it hasn’t been posted or listed before. I love the show “The League”, so I named one of my teams the Vinegar Strokes.

  4. Jolly Beanie Giant
    Helu, Are You There?
    What Would Jones-Drew
    Brady’s First
    Skip To My Helu
    The FIrst Brady
    Great Wallace of China
    Quiet on The Greene
    Britt By Britt
    Colston .45
    Nicks It In The Bud
    Jordy, Jordy Look Who’s Forte

  5. Heroes Ahmad Us
    As I Ponder Through The Valley
    In Not What You Know, It’s Julio You Know
    Coffee And Hakeem
    Hakeem And Sugar
    The Playbook Of Eli
    Lets Win, Maybe!
    The 7 Year Lynch
    Sippin On My Ginn and Juice
    Mo’ Manning, Mo’ Problems
    Rise Of The Felix
    Heavy As A Flacco Potatoes
    The FItz Of The Month
    Gronki Kong
    Let’s Go To Jamaal!
    Roll The Rice
    Of Men And Rice
    A Few Good Mendenhall
    Ahmadly In Love
    That One Was A Cruzy
    Liquor & Cruz
    Win Or Cruz
    America’s Got Tamme
    The Big Breesy
    Looking For That Special Brady
    Brady and The Tramp
    My Brees Buckled
    Let’s Get Roddy
    My Roddy Side
    Gone With The WIn
    Citizen Wayne
    Pondered Money
    You Got Me In The Flacco
    Stop That ImFOSTER
    Mission ImFOSTERble
    NapADRIAN Dynamite
    Keeping Up WIth The KardADRIANS
    That Dirty Gore
    The Walking Fred
    Natural Born Spillers
    25 Grahams
    The Hoover Graham
    Graham You To Hell
    Catch Me If You Graham
    Silence Of The Grahams (or Cams)
    Graham And Cheese
    Summer Of Cam
    TD In A Lynch

  6. Breaston Show
    Touchy Feely
    Sacks? Dockett can Doucet
    Justin the Nicks of time
    Diehling out hits
    Coughlin out rings
    Sacks are Suh easy
    Manning the Cruz control

  7. Here’s my Top 10 list; the last 2 are actual names I use for my own teams:

    Romney/Rex Ryan 2012
    New Orleans Satans
    Head and Butter
    Tim Uno Cinco
    Carnival Cruz
    Bengalus Green-Ellis
    Jake Urlocker
    Gronko Nagurski
    Vicktorious Secret
    Jim Ottopick Draft

  8. Abc easy as rg3,
    smoke Sweden drinks forte’s,
    your percy better titan up,
    peyton my hightower til I gronk,
    sacks to be cutler,
    The good the bad and the cowboys

  9. Sandusky’s Shower’s
    The Soapy Sandusky
    Sandusky’s Daycare Squad
    The Uncle Sandusky
    Tickle my Sandusky
    Fast Times in Penn St. Shower’s

    Joke: “whats black blue & hates sex?”
    anser: ” the 12yr old boy tied up in Sandusky’s trunk”

  10. Vickdumb of Injuries
    Ben Rapthisfurburger
    Antonio Brownderez
    Tony Homo
    Andre’s Johnson
    Antonio Master Gates
    Michael Turnedher
    Greg’s Little Dick
    T.O’s money for support

  11. Can’t really share any in English, but I’ve been naming myself something obscene and insulting in Spanish when read in English:

    T.N.S. L. P.P. B.N. T.S.O.
    Momma Male Pee Toe
    So Noon Knows Cool Arrows
    Ah Come Oh Hoe Days
    Chin Got Two Mod Ray Poo Toe

  12. Pacman Jones makes it Dwayne at the TD club
    It’s not a rookie, it’s a Cam Newton
    McCluster F#ck
    CAMden Yards
    Don’t Luck at my Fleener

  13. Here’s our league:
    Uncle Knuckles
    Tickle Monsters
    Multiple Scoregasms
    TDs & Beer
    30 yrs well worth it
    Tip Kissers
    TapDatAss Squad

  14. Oscar Mayer Weiners
    Pissing Off Opposing Coaches (or teams)
    Weeden Forte’s (wordplay for weed & 40 oz)
    Garden of Weeden
    Weeden Blounts
    Manningham & Eggs
    Russell Mania (Russell Wilson)
    Danger Russ
    Russ in boots
    Peyton’s Playhouse
    Jake’s Dirty Locker
    Jake Plummer’s Crack
    Jim Schwartzenegger
    Sweaty Jim Schwartz
    Eat My Schwartz
    Seymour TDs (self explanatory)
    Bacon Bettis and Tomato
    Dennis Green Tea
    Dennis Greenbeans
    Herm Edward Scissor Hands
    Mangini Alfredo
    Eric Mangini Salad
    Ty Obey The Law (Ty Law)
    Suh Plex
    Chicken noodle SuhP (soup)
    Suh Me
    General Suh’s Chicken
    In the purSuh of happiness
    Reggie Bushwhacked
    T.Y. Hilton Hotel
    Re Gronkulous
    Gronka Truck
    Al Groh some Nutz
    Dennis Pitta Bread
    Lord Have Percy On Me
    Bey Watch (Darrius Heyward-Bey)
    Bey Area
    Old Bey Seasoning
    Oh Bey Your Thirst
    Touchdown Her Shirt
    Sand Cassel
    King of the Cassel
    Tuna Cassel Roll
    Jacquizzed in my pants
    Pop Quizz
    Nobody does like Sean Lee
    Sean Taylor Gang (R.I.P.)

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