Bulls Let Omer Asik Walk

The Houston Rockets made an offer than Omer Asik could not refuse.  A $25.1 contract over a 3 year period. The Bulls made a counter offer to Omer, one week before Houston officially submitted the sheet, of 4 years $21 million, which does not trump the Houston offer.

Gar Foreman was skeptical that Houston was going to leave such a huge offer on the table, after the Rockets used the same contract on surprise sensation, Jeremy Lin. Even before the speculated offer was made, the Bulls claimed they were going to match.

According to KC Johnson, the Bulls will officially decline to match in a press announcement sometime this afternoon.

The Bulls signed veteran Center, Nazr Mohammed last week, and look to have moved on already.


Chris Snow

Chris Snow is a writer for ChiCitySports. Born and raised inside the city of Chicago, he has been following the NBA for 30 years. Chris is an active participant on this site's forums, where you can feel free to talk shop and express yourself.

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