Movin’ On Up: Bulls All-Time Statistics Projections

With  Kirk Hinrich coming back, we were curious to speculate on where these players could end up with one more season down. Along with just 2012-13, how close are these active guys to moving up on the main all-time team leader boards. Keep reading to find out more.

Kirk Hinrich is the only active player to lead any one of the franchises all-time stat categories. Three-pointers made and Three-pointers attempted. At 31 years of age and a two-year contract, he could hold those records for some time.

But what about any other records? Seeing they are dominated by a man whose name rhymes with Schmordan, it’s likely that he wont touch any of those, or any other Bulls player, anytime soon.

All lists are the top 10 all-time leaders in order, then any close active players are listed in addition. Some other players were thrown in for pure comparison.


Games played: It would take Luol Deng 5 seasons to beat out Jordan in a perfect world. Jordan holds the team record with 930 games played. Luol has 539 to his name, being the closest Bull to his airness. Unfortunately, Luol is still playing with a torn ligament in his hand, and has an injury track record.

Michael Jordan 930
Scottie Pippen 856
Jerry Sloan 696
John Paxson 645
Tom Boerwinkle 635
Bob Love 592
Dave Corzine 556
Horace Grant 546
Luol Deng 539
Norm Van Lier 535
Kirk Hinrich 418
Ben Gordon 398
Joakim Noah
Derrick Rose 279

Players in Bold are active and on the roster, and players in Italics are active but on another team. 


Minutes Played and Minutes Per Game: Luol will be close, to getting up to the 4th spot on this list within the season. Fifth is only a matter of 3 minutes, to pass up Mr. 48 minutes of intensity himself, Norm Van Lier.

Michael Jordan 35887 Ron Mercer 40.0
Scottie Pippen 30269 Jalen Rose 39.8
Jerry Sloan 24798 Michael Jordan 38.6
Bob Love 22073 Elton Brand 38.1
Norm Van Lier 19122 Bob Love 37.3
Luol Deng 19119 Derrick Rose 36.8
Horace Grant 19204 Norm Van Lier 35.7
Kirk Hinrich 17500 Jerry Sloan 35.6
Artis Gilmore 16777 Luol Deng 35.5
Chet Walker 15809 Scottie Pippen 35.4
Ben Gordon 12478 Kirk Hinrich 34
Derrick Rose 10272 Chet Walker 33.4
Joakim Noah 8918 Ben Gordon
Ron Mercer 4038 Joakim Noah 27

Players in Bold are active and on the roster, and players in Italics are active but on another team.


Field Goals Made and Attempted: Shot chucking is an art-form.

Michael Jordan 10962 Michael Jordan 21686
Scottie Pippen 5991 Scottie Pippen 12444
Bob Love 4948 Bob Love 11497
Jerry Sloan 3996 Jerry Sloan 9357
Chet Walker 3558 Chet Walker 7374
Artis Gilmore 3466 Luol Deng 7228
Luol Deng 3361 Reggie Theus 6386
Reggie Theus 3047 Kirk Hinrich 6053
Horace Grant 2844 Norm Van Lier
Ben Gordon 2591 Ben Gordon 5930
Derrick Rose 2259 Derrick Rose
Kirk Hinrich
2232 Joakim Noah
Joakim Noah 1106

 Players in Bold are active and on the roster, and players in Italics are active but on another team.


Three Point Field Goals and Attempts: Heat-checking is an art-form too.

Kirk Hinrich 812 Kirk Hinrich 2144
Ben Gordon 770 Scottie Pippen 2031
Scottie Pippen 664 Ben Gordon 1856
Michael Jordan 555 Michael Jordan 1670
Steve Kerr 430 Andres Nocioni 1099
Andres Nocioni 403 Toni Kukoc 1072
Toni Kukoc 351 Chris Duhon 943
Chris Duhon 336 Jamal Crawford 948
Jamal Crawford 318 Steve Kerr
BJ Armstrong 297 Luol Deng 875
Luol Deng 295 Derrick Rose
Kyle Korver 238 BJ Armstrong 650
Derrick Rose 214 Kyle Korver

 Players in Bold are active and on the roster, and players in Italics are active but on another team.



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