Greinke to the South Side?

Prior to the start of the Brewers last road trip GM Doug Melvin was quoted as saying, “If we lose five out of six, we’re selling”, well… they lost 6 of 6, so… I guess they’re selling. The Sox desperately need to upgrade a pitching staff that has seen its fair share of injuries and Phil Humber.

The other side of the coin is that the Tigers have already upgraded their rotation with the acquisition of Anibal Sanchez.

There are multiple obstacles to a trade that could possibly land Greinke back to the AL Central and on the South Side. First, Farm System depth, much has been said of the Sox Minor Leagues but deep is not one of them and the Brewers have been rumored to be asking for top pitching prospects. Secondly, after the extension of Cole Hamels and the trade of Sanchez, Greinke is the top available pitcher. The last time the Sox were able to steal away the top available pitcher was in 2004 when they acquired Freddy Garcia from the Mariners.

Who could the Sox offer? The Brewers are looking for top Pitching prospects who will be available soon, Sale would not be possible Jose Quintana is not a “tried and true” type prospect that the Brewers would be looking for. The perfect pitcher to move would be Gavin Floyd or Phil Humber and then a “throw in” type guy but I doubt that will happen. The other option is the Sox sending one of the plethora of bullpen power arms.

Who do you see the Sox needing to move, and where do you rank the Sox chances?

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