Every year we publish a list of funny fantasy football team names and, usually the list includes many puns having to do with player names. You’ve heard the ones such as “Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi”. Well here is a list that isn’t packed full of those player name puns! Enjoy.

While this list does not include player name puns, it does include random, possibly offensive, pop-culture references and a handful of wonderfully placed The League references.

Our other list that we linked to in the first sentence of the article has our 2012 player name puns in it. This list has more generic names. Some may be offensive…so if you get hurt feelings easily, I Suggest you stop reading.

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  2. Double O Tebow. Weapons is Ass Destruction.
    Golden Taint. Truck Nuts. Sandusky’s kids. Backwoods brain hangers. Waiver Order 1.

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