AJ Pierzynski PED Rumors: So Many Variables In Play

While I was enjoying work today, I come across some “rumor” about AJ Pierzynski testing positive for PEDS and that it is currently being appealed. Lets take a look at a few things regarding this rumor and what problems can come out of this whether it is true or false.

The worst case scenario for White Sox fans and the front office is that this is true. If it is true the White Sox postseason chances would be cut down, a black cloud would be over US Cellular field and the disappointment from the fans just for starters. This would also eliminate any chance that AJ stays with the White Sox.

Lets say it ain’t so, just for a moment since he is innocent as of right now due to no one having the facts except for the White Sox and AJ on this issue. So what problems come with this scenario? Well, it would have to be an internet user making up a story to try to gain some sort of attention or reaction. The issue now becomes more of a libel issue in which AJs name would be getting trashed for no reason which is indeed unfair to him as well as his family and the White Sox. It takes just one person, one person who knows how to use social media to do such a thing to just about anyone. Its sad, but it is very very true.

This whole situation, 100% true or 100% false needs to be addressed by the White Sox when a rumor like this spreads through social media like wildfire, it is also the medias job to ask questions when rumors come out, even if the source of this is not filled with great substance, it has to be asked, it has to be talked about. It’s their job to ask and it’s the White Sox job to address what could become a public relations nightmare.

All in all we just do not know what is real, what is fake until there is official word from the MLB. We can take the rumors however we want. It’s 100% fair to question the source of the rumor, and it’s 100% fair to question AJ….NOT accuse, but question.

Lets hope for the sake of the season, the fans, and the White Sox that this is just what it is, a rumor.

3 thoughts on “AJ Pierzynski PED Rumors: So Many Variables In Play

  • September 5, 2012 at 10:28 PM

    Gahhhhhhh. I just want the MLB / White Sox to address this … like … tomorrow morning.

  • September 6, 2012 at 12:02 AM

    Pretty sure libel can’t be used for celebrities. But yeah.

  • September 6, 2012 at 10:14 PM

    Seems like the whole Sox team has been accused when Alexei Ramirez and Chris Sale could hide behind light poles.And then the Whole League is most likely still on steriods. What happened to Travis Hafner from Cleveland Muscle strains?

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