It was defiantly a game to forget for the Chicago Bears.

The Bears went into Lambeau Field and were spanked by the Green Bay Packers. It was a complete disaster for the Bears, who had the chance to put the Packers in a 0-2 hole to start the NFL season. Instead, it was the Bears who left feeling like they were put into a hole.

The offense never got going and it turned into a mess for Chicago. The defense held up their part of the deal by holding Aaron Rodgers to under 300 yards passing and just one touchdown.

Here are your week 2 grades for the Bears.

Quarterback: D+

To blame Jay Cutler or not to blame Jay Cutler? That’s the topic being tossed around the media after a 4 interception game last night. It’s certainly hard to complete passes under constant pressure and on being on your back most of the game. Cutler was sacked 7 times last night, and whether the blame falls on Cutler or not, he has to play better

Running backs: D+

The lone bright spot on the offensive side of the ball for Chicago came from the running backs, and that wasn’t saying much. When the Bears clicked on offense, it was Matt Forte and Michael Bush. Even that wasn’t enough to warrant a good grade. Bush picked up the slack when Forte exited the game, which Chicago is saying is a “high ankle sprain”.

Wide receivers: D+

The Bears receivers were simply non-existent. Brandon Marshall dropped a touchdown during a key third quarter drive. Earl Bennett didn’t help the cause by not coming back to the ball on what resulted as a Jay Cutler interception. Much different from last weeks performance against the Colts.

Offensive line: F

An “F” is a generous grade for the offensive lines performance last night. It was a disaster from the start as they gave up 7 sacks. That’s completely unacceptable. Carimi also killed a drive early with a personal foul penalty.

Defensive line: B-

The Bears defensive line didn’t make it easy for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense. They got pressure early and often on the leagues MVP. Rookie Shea McClelin had a nice game with 1 1/2 sacks, and Julius Peppers continued to show why he’s one of the more dominant NFL players.


Linebackers: B-

Key stops on third down late in the game by Briggs and Urlacher kept little hope for the Bears. Even with a hurting Urlacher, the Bears line backing core had a solid game.

Secondary: A-

Easily the biggest surprise for the Bears defense thus far. Tim Jennings showed up again as he intercepted Rodgers and played tight coverage on the receivers. Charles Tillman continued to show us why he’s one of the best at forcing turnovers.


Special Teams: D-

The Bears were out-smarted on a fake field goal call that led to a Packers touchdown and a huge momentum shift in the game.

Coaching: D-

The Bears were simply out coached all game. The fake field goal was a testament to this. Running on 2nd and 4 with third stringer Armando Allen was also a head scratcher for some. Overall it was just a game the Bears coaching staff would love to forget.

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