Media Blames Cutler for Packers Loss at Seattle

SATIRE: After the inter-touchdown heard ’round the world, blame has accurately been placed. Not on the replacement refs, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL Owners, or the Packers abysmal offensive line, but on the one and only Jay Cutler.

The oft-criticized Cutler was recently sacked multiple times in a game against the Green Bay Packers, which prompted him to bump his own LT, J’Marcus Webb.

After much post-game smack-talk by the Packers, it seems the tides have turned. The Packers “offensive” line couldn’t have blocked a Muggsy Bogues layup if he was shooting from his knees on Monday Night, but the real person at fault was Cutler.

According to sources, Cutler’s anger during and after last Thursday night’s game against the Packers, and the subsequent media reaction, was in Rodgers’ mind throughout the game. Sack after sack, he wanted to complain to the officials, tell his offensive line to block better, and ask his coach to call better plays, but he was afraid of the backlash.

When Aaron Rodgers pushed a cameraman post-game, he was “just letting a little Cutler come out,” and understands he’ll likely be fined.

Regardless of the shenanigans, the best post-game comments come from the Packers OG T.J. Lang. Lang took to twitter after the game, and had some more-than-interesting comments:

Stay classy, Wisconsin.




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