Monday Headlines: Week 4

Okay, so for both of you that actually read last week’s inaugural CCS Headlines article, you’ll be quick to point out that I went 3-11. Yeah, that’s terrible, and I own it.  But ya know what?  This sort of start is just going to make my meteoric rise to respectability all that more impressive. Let’s get to it!



San Francisco @ NY Jets — Jets Grounded as 49ers Rush to Victory

Seattle @ St. Louis — Rams Charge Through Tough Seattle Defense

Carolina @ Atlanta — Take to the Air: Falcons Beat Panthers with Big Plays

Minnesota @ Detroit — Vikings Fall Just Short of Back-To-Back Wins

San Diego @ Kansas City — Chiefs Tomahawk Chargers With Surprise Play to Win

Tennessee @ Houston — Texans Keep Rolling, Knock Out Titans

New England @ Buffalo — Patriots Put Up Big Points To Prevent Losing Three Straight

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville — Cincinnati Reminds Us That Jacksonville is still Jacksonville

Oakland @ Denver — Manning Looks Completely Healthy, Broncos Win Big

Miami @ Arizona — Cards Deal Miami Another Loss, Move to 4-0

Washington @ Tampa Bay — Tampa Trumps ‘Skins, RGIII Hurt

New Orleans @ Green Bay — Saints Get First Win, Packers (Still) Blame Replacement Refs

NY Giants @ Philadelphia — Vick, McCoy Injured, Giants Roll



Week 3: 3-11
Year-To-Date: 3-11


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