NBA Procedures for “Flops” to be Finalized

A Phantom Hit on Miami Small Forward, LeBron James


The league is working extensively to finish new changes to the upcoming season in attempts to correct and penalize players for flopping. Flopping is when a player exaggerates a reaction to contact(or sometimes performs the fall or reaction with no contact.)


The league is moving in a direction to grant infractions to players after a game has completed. The infractions will lead to fines and suspensions.While the resolutions may not solve the problem, it is a step to determine the best course of action and allowing the league to add and fine tune to the growing acting jobs in the NBA going into future seasons.


Stern proposed the procedures similarly to how the NBA reviews fragrant fouls. It is possible that the league may also have in-game procedures to assist and correct the calls on the floor, however the fine details have yet to be leaked by any sources from inside the situation, nor would any rule changes or reviews be accurate until the final announcements are made.


Two weeks ago, league officials, including David Stern met with the NBA referees on a resolution to the problem. The finalizations are expected to be announced before the pre-season begins, but as late as the regular season opener.

NBA referees are currently holding their training camps under new VP of Referee Operations, Mike Bantom.

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