NFL Week 4 predictions

Last week: (9-7)

Overall: (30-20)

  1. Ravens over Browns
  2. 49ers over Jets
  3. Rams over Seahawks
  4. Falcons over Panters
  5. Lions over Vikings
  6. Chiefs over Chargers
  7. Texans over Titans
  8. Cardinals over Dolphins
  9. Broncos over Raiders
  10. Bengals over Jaguars
  11. Bucs over Redskins
  12. Packers over Saints
  13. Giants over Eagles
  14. Patriots over Bills
  15. Bears over Cowboys


Chris Jelinek

I am 19 years old and currently study at the University of Iowa. I began writing for Chi City Sports in July of 2010. I am a big fan of all Chicago Sports teams besides the White Sox. Also a big follower of Notre Dame. I mainly focus on writing about the Cubs and Blackhawks but occasionally pitch in on covering the Bears and other breaking news. Follow me on twitter, @Cjelinek16

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