NASHVILLE, TN – Chicago Bears defensive back Charles “Peanut” Tillman faces multiple charges of assault and accessory to kidnappings of a local NFL football on Sunday.  Brian Urlacher is also being charged for abducting the victim at the Bears vs. Titans game on November 4th in Nashville.

The victim was two-year-old football Sebastian Wilson who told police he was “repeatedly punched in the face” by Tillman throughout the duration of the Bears vs. Titans game.  Urlacher has been arrested for kidnapping the football and more accusations continue to unfold.

“I don’t remember any safety.”

“Brian Urlacher grabbed me and forced me into places I was not supposed to go.  He said he wanted to ‘touchdown’ somewhere,” Wilson added while sobbing at Nashville General Hospital.  “I thought I would be okay since I was in my hometown, but even people in the stadium were cheering them on.”

Wilson suffered multiple concussions, stitches and psychological complications after the game.  “I feel depressed and empty inside,” Wilson remarked.  Wilson was also kidnapped by Chicago Bears linemen Sherrick McManis and Corey Wootton as he was about to board a flight to another part of the field.

Disturbing reports have indicated that Charles “Peanut” Tillman received his nickname in reference to the “Peanuts” comic strip starring Charlie Brown.  In the comic strip, Charlie Brown faces intense mental abuse as he repeatedly attempts to kick a football held by Peppermint Patty, only to have the ball removed at the last second causing Brown to plummet to the ground.

For the fee of five cents, psychiatrist Dr. Lucy from the cast of “Peanuts” explained that the aggressive behavior could be a result of Tillman living vicariously through Charlie Brown, and feeling the need to retaliate from the emotional abuse involving football.  Charles Tillman and Charlie Brown refused to comment anything further than suggesting that the victim’s turmoil was “good grief.”

Bears 51, Titans 20.

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