The ’85 Bears Comparisons Need to Stop

“This team reminds me of the ’85 Bears.”

How many times have you heard that statement so far this season about the 2012 Chicago Bears? Whether it’s ESPN, FOX, CBS or even local stations. It’s a statement that is starting to irritate me, and Bears fans in general.

It’s time to put this statement in the grave.

See the reason why  is because this Bears team isn’t at all like the one that dominated it’s way to Chicago’s only Super Bowl. They are two different teams, and will never be the same.

“But..but..what about Da Defense!?!,” is what you might be asking yourself. Yes this Bears defense is good. In fact, it’s something special. But why can’t it be it’s own kind of special?

The ’85 Bears defense was it’s own special defense. This years team is trying to be their own as well. So why are we still comparing them?

This season, the Bears defense is doing something amazing. We see it, the media see’s it and more importantly, the players are starting to see it. This season has a chance to be something special. Something special that we shouldn’t compare it to one of the best teams ever, the 1985 Chicago Bears.

The ’85 defense has already established itself as one of the best ever. While this year, the defense is on pace to break all sorts of records, let it happen first. But please, stop comparing it to 1985.

This year the Bears are scoring touchdowns on defense at a rapid pace.  Through eight games, they have scores seven defensive touchdowns. Even more impressive? They have given up just nine touchdowns all season.

If they continue at this rate, they would shatter the record for most touchdowns scored by a defense.

Both defenses were dominant in their own way. The ’85 Bears made you pay, and while they didn’t score a ton of touchdowns, they dominated you. This years team dominates, but they dominate in the form of taking the ball away and scoring. Something the ’85 team didn’t do as good.

As the Bears defense continues to play at an extremely high level, they are waiting for the offense to click. The offense that features play makers like Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Devin Hester and Jay Cutler. It hasn’t happened yet.

When it does however, it’s arguable that they would have had a more explosive offense then the ’85 team did. Another reason to stop the comparisons.

I don’t want to start an argument on which team is better. It doesn’t matter. The ’85 Bears were great. They are historic, and always will be. But the 2012 Chicago Bears, have a chance to be great in their own way.

Both teams are completely different and are dominating in their own ways.

So let it all happen, and put the comparisons to rest. Please.


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