The Sad Shooting in Connecticut

I know this is not sports related, but I think this is a big non-sports related topic. We all have heard about the sad incident that happen in Connecticut earlier today. 20-year old Adam Lanza went to an elementary in Newton, Connecticut – where his mother worked as a teacher and began a shooting spree.

Yes, he went to an elememtary and shot kids from the ages 5-10 years-old. He reportedly shot and killed 27 people, plus himself. 20 were kids and the other 7 were adults. Including his mother and father whom were 2 of the victims of the incident.

To make it worse, he shot his mother at her home and drove to her school where she teaches and killed her whole class. So, she wasn’t even there and he didn’t have to kill innocent kids. If you had a problem with your mother, don’t take it out on kids, who are so young and have their whole lives ahead of them.

The gunman planned the shooting and new what he was doing. He walked into the school with 2 handguns and a rifle, of which were all legally obtained.

Especially around Christmas and now all those families will not have a Merry Christmas. Even people who did not lose their love one, may have lost a good friend and could feel sorry for them. Making them not feel the Christmas spirit.

President Obama took a lot of great compliments today from all over the world. He held a press conference today on the shooting and many believe  it was his best speech since he’s been in office. He did not sound like a politician and spoke from the heart. He’s a parent of two and you could easily tell. He even started to choke up and started to cry. That’s what we always want to see from the leader of the country. I give Obama props and to a great speech! I just wish he didn’t have too.

I don’t know how one person can do this. It’s just sickening and makes me sick to my stomach. It’s been a very sad day in the United States, to say the least.

I would like to give my best wishes to the victims, their families, friends and love ones.

RIP to the 27 victims, not including the gunman. He can rot in hell!

Side note: Also, give your thoughts and prayers to the victims in China. As 22 elementary kids were stabbed to death walking to school today. The stabber did not kill his self and was later arrested. He was in his mid-30’s and I hope he rots in hell as well. RIP to the 22 kids who died in that incident too. Just a sad day all over the world.


I'm going to JJC to become a police officer, I will get my Associate's degree after this semester. Then next semester I may go to Lewis Unniversity to finish my Bachlor's degree. I write for my beloved Cubs because I like too and it's fun. Go Cubs!

2 thoughts on “The Sad Shooting in Connecticut

  • December 15, 2012 at 10:08 AM

    very nice to see someone on a sports site pull away from writing a sports article and focusing on something that is much more important….life, kids, and mental illness. the incident was sad and I thank you for taking the time away from leisure to write this. well done waldo

  • December 15, 2012 at 3:45 PM


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