The Chicago Bears did lose a hard one today vs. the Green Bay Packers. The Bears had their opportunities today, but the refs didn’t help much. They were as bad as our hate towards the Packers is. So, that’s very bad! With the lost today, the Bears record stands at 8-6.

First off, the Bears will have to win-out for any thought of making the playoffs. The final 2 games are on the road. They will have to play the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions. No game is a for sure win for the slumping Bears, but I do expect them to win both games.

Scenarios for them to sneak into the playoffs as the 6th seed:
*The Houston Texans will have to beat the Minnesota Vikings in week 16.
*The Baltimore Ravens will have to beat the New York Giants in week 16.
*The Dallas Cowboys beating the Washington Redskins in week 17.
*The Houston Texans beating the Minnesota Vikings in week 16.
*The Vikings lose one of their next 2.
*The Giants lose one of their next 2.

I think the 1st scenario is more likely. I do think the Texans will beat the Vikings. They still want to win, so they can clinch the top spot and home field advantage. As the New England Patriots are right on their tail for the #1 spot. The Ravens have been playing inconsistent, but I like them in this game. They still have to win as well. Since their in a small free-fall as well. The Giants need a win badly, but they aren’t playing winning football at all. They needed a win badly today and came out flat-footed.

For right now, I can’t see the Bears getting the 5th seed. So, I’m not going to do playoff scenarios for the 5th seed.

Playoff scenarios where the Bears go home after week 17:
*The Vikings beating the Texans in week 16.
*The Vikings beating the Packers in week 17.
*The Giants winning out.

I do not have the Vikings losing to the Packers in week 17. Due to the fact the Packers will probably rest a lot of starters and they cannot stop Adrian Peterson.

So, for the 6th and final spot for the playoffs, it looks like it’ll come down to the Bear and Vikings. Also, the Giants would have to lose one of their next 2. If that happens, the Bears will play in January.

With that said, I do think the Bears will make the playoffs. I can’t see the Vikings winning the next 2 games. I also don’t think the Giants will win next week vs. the Ravens. I think the Bears can be a sleeper come the playoffs especially if they are healthy. Just like the Giants have been in the past.

Yes, there are other scenarios for the Bears to make the playoffs. However, these are the more likely scenarios.

Bear down!

(this is all on IF the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys today. If they don’t, the scenarios are pretty much the same. But it’ll be better if the Steelers do win.)

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