According to multiple reports, the Chicago Cubs and starting pitcher Matt Garza avoided arbitration late last night. He will make 10.25 million next year on the 1-year contract.

Now the Cubs won’t have to go to the table and let the mediator decide his contract for the upcoming season. The 1-year deal won’t put the trade rumors to rest. As when he’s shown to be healthy, he’ll likely still be traded. However, Theo Epstein did say Garza could stay the whole season with the team.

If Garza did not injure his arm, he could have gotten more money. Probably for another team, though. He was Texas bound until the injury surfaced. Texas had an offer they were going to present to the Cubs, but that couldn’t be made. Team Theo a little too late on trading Garza.

Many experts believe, Garza will be traded during spring training if he shows to be healthy. With the likely trading partner being the Texas Rangers. The Cubs may not get as much for Garza this time around, but the offer will still have to be good for Garza to be traded. The Cubs have the depth to trade Garza and a main reason Garza will likely be traded. As the front office has that plan in their head.

With Garza, the Cubs have Jeff Samardzija, Edwin Jackson, Scott Feldman, Scott Baker, Charlie Villanueva and Travis Wood. So, yeah their is very deep.

I do think Garza will be traded within a few months and to the Texas Rangers. One of the pieces that will come along to Chicago is the Rangers #2 prospect 3B Mike Olt, plus more.

Now that Garza’s arbitration case is over, the Cubs still have 2 cases left … SP Jeff Samardzija and RP James Russell.

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