The Chicago Cubs announce that they agreed to 1-year deals with pitchers Jeff Samardzija and James Russell to avoid arbitration. Jeff Samardzija will earn 2.64 million while Russell will earn 1.075 million in 2013.

I wrote up earlier that the Cubs could be working on a long-term extension with Samardzija. But at the end of the day, the Cubs just gave him a 1-year deal in which was the likely scenario. Samardzija will make the same as last year, but can also make an extra 125 thousand in incentives. In reality, the Cubs made the right decision to just give him a 1-year deal and worry about an extension down the road. The price is too right not to wait. This was Samardzija’s 1st year of arbitration and an extension next off-season is a greater possibility.

Russell was also up for his 1st year of arbitration and a 1-year deal was the only possibility on the table. He’s a relief pitcher and there’s no point to wipe out his arbitration years. Just look at what Jim Hendry did with Carlos Marmol and it doesn’t look too great right now. The 1.075 million is what Russell was looking at and is the right deal.

The Cubs will not have any cases headed to the mediator. Which is what you want to have every time around. The Cubs can now move onto other matters.

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