Alfonso Soriano Would Welcome Trade from the Chicago Cubs

Alfonso Soriano met with the media on Monday to address his status with the Chicago Cubs. Soriano said he would be open to a trade from the Cubs if they get off to a bad start. Soriano and his agent told the Cubs that there are six or seven teams he would accept a trade to. As Soriano has a no-trade cause and can veto a trade to any team.

Soriano also said he came to the Cubs t win a world series and it was not about the money. As you recall, Soriano signed a 8-year, 136 million with the Cubs six years ago. He still has 2 years, 36 million remaining on his contract. The Cubs did make the playoffs, but it didn’t go as planned as the Cubs were swept in the 1st round in back-to-back years. Soriano also went onto say that he doesn’t think he has much left in the tank after his current contract runs out.

Soriano would only accept a trade to the east division or the central division. But Soriano does not want to be traded to the west divsion. Soriano reportedly veto a trade to the San Francisco Giants last year. Since the Giants are on the west coast. It had to be hard looking back on the veto trade by Soriano as the Giants went on to win the world series.

Soriano may have also veto a trade to the Pittsburgh Pirates at some point, but that’s unconfirmed and was never labled ‘official’. The Pirates are obvious in the central division, but I think he veto the trade since the Pirates aren’t close to winning it all any time soon.

I do expect Soriano to be traded this season to an AL club where he can play the OF and DH as well. Especially if the Cubs will pay majorty of the 36 million owe to him. Which the Cubs are willing to do if the reports are accurate.

Other note: The MRI on SP Matt Garza mid lat strain came back negative. Garza will be out a week and the Cubs will go from there. His start was also pushed back in the Cactus League.

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