Will Carlos Boozer be Traded Today?

Today is the day for teams to improve their team for a playoff run or to get under the luxury-tax as the trade deadline is at 2 p.m. Central. If the Chicago Bulls do make a trade, it will probably make their team worse by them making a move to get under the luxury-tax. So, that brings me to my question … will Carlos Boozer be traded today?

An executive for an NBA team said the one player he expects to be traded today was Chicago Bulls Carlos Boozer, that’s according to a Detroit Pistons writer. The Bulls have been shopping Boozer for a while now and have been offering teams trades with Boozer included in them. The Bulls purpose is to just get under the luxury-tax. If it makes the team better or not, it doesn’t matter.

The Bulls offered Boozer to the Toronto Raptors for Andrea Barganai straight up, but that trade couldn’t happen due to the NBA trade rules. The Bulls re-did their offer and added Nate Robinson along with Boozer for Barganai and John Lucus III. However, reports surfaced earlier this week that the Raptors have no interest in Boozer. Manly because of Boozer’s contract of whom still has 2-years and around 32 million remaining on it.

Let’s put it this way … if Boozer was making the same amount as Barganai, the Raptors wouldn’t blink and accept the trade as soon as they can. But again, if that was the case, the Bulls wouldn’t offer or make this trade.

The Bulls also have had discussions with the Brooklyn Nets about Boozer. But the Nets would only offer Kris Humphries and the Bulls had no interest in that offer. The Nets are said to have a 10% chance of making a trade today.

With all that said, the Bulls aren’t expected to make a trade today, per ESPNChicago. Bulls’ President John Paxton said a while back, the return of Derrick Rose will be the only move the Bulls would make. But you never know as teams get desperate and may make a offer the Bulls can’t pass up.

However, I don’t see the Bulls getting a good offer that they can’t decline as they don’t have must-need players via trade. Since Boozer’s contract is too high and Richard Hamilton is injury-prone. Don’t get me wrong, both players are having a good year.

My prediction: The Bulls will stay quiet and not make a trade. Meaning, both Boozer and Hamilton will be in uniform for tonight’s game vs. the Miami Heat.

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