Bears fail to reach agreement with Brian Urlacher; Sides part ways after 13 seasons

The Bears have announced that after failing to reach an agreement, they will part ways with pro bowl linebacker Brian Urlacher after 13 seasons. A day that many  thought would never come, has indeed actually happened.

“We thank Brian for all he has given. He will always be a part of the Bears family. We wish him the very best.” said Bears’ George McCaskey. Urlacher, who was drafted by the Bears in 2000, had a hall of fame like career in his 13 seasons with the organization. He played in 182 games, including two NFC championship games and one Super Bowl with the Bears. Urlacher was also an eight time pro bowler.

Although it is somewhat surprising to actually see the Bears part with Urlacher, who became the face of the franchise since the early 2000’s, resigning him was going to cost the Bears to much money. With tight cap space after the free agent signings, the most the Bears had to offer was a one year deal, worth about $2 million. However, Urlacher was looking to get Ed Reed type money of around $6 million a year. Clearly, the two sides were far apart. Sports is a business and the Bears were only willing to pay Brian for what they think he can do, not what he has done.

With Urlacher’s deteriorating health and old age, resigning him just did not make sense performance wise as well. He missed the final four games due to injury last year and his knees did not allow him to move like he once did. Urlacher will be the second Bears linebacker to leave the team after Nick Roach signed with the Oakland Raiders last week. It appears the Bears will look to fill the gap at linebacker during the draft. The first round has a few options for the Bears including former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and Georgia linebacker, Alec Ogletree.

Can’t blame the Bears organization for parting ways. To voice your opinion and see what other Bear fans have to say, head over to our Chicago Bears forum;

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