The Chicago Cubs roster is about set going into opening day. Besides two more spots, the final spot on the bullpen and the last guy to come off the bench. The Cubs will stay in-house for the final spot in the ‘pen, but will likely find the final spot on the waiver wire. The player the Cubs are looking for will be a back-up infielder. Two names that stick out on the waiver wire are Chrone Figgins and Bill Hall.

Bill Hall used to play under Dale Sveum in Milwaukee and there’s a good connection there. However, the past couple seasons Hall has struggled and dealt with injuries. So, Hall does not seem like a logical fit on the North Side.

Chrione Figgins, on the other hand, would seem like a good fit on the North Side. Dale Sveum said; “Figgins would be one that would be interesting because he switch hits, etc.” Sveum pretty much summed up Figgins, plus he can still run. Figgins was a good player when he was with the Los Angeles Angels, but since he left the Angels, he has been awful. I think Figgins would be a nick pick-up. As he will be low/risk – high/reward. To me, Figgins still has something to offer.

The Cubs could still stay in-house and go with Steve Clevenger, but that’s unlikely. Clevenger is having a great spring and really does deserve a shot, though. The odds still favor the Cubs signing the 25th guy off the waiver wire.

I don’t think the Cubs will sign a player until later in the week. As the Cubs want to see if anyone else is released that may be a good fit to the team. My guess is the Cubs will sign Chrone Figgins by the weekend.

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