Chicago Bears 2013-2014 Regular Season Schedule

With the NFL Draft coming up in less than 7 days, all attention has shifted to the NFL releasing the 2013-2014 schedule. The Marc Trestman era will begin with 2 home games.

Four prime-time matchups are in store for the Bears as they will face the Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 3), New York Giants (Week 6), Green Bay Packers (Week 9) and the Dallas Cowboys (Week 14). The majority of games start at noon with the possibility of games later in the season being flexed into primetime.

The Bears will need to have a well rounded season because if they wait until late to turn the juice on, it could prove rough for them. 4 of the final 6 games will be on the road. The final game of the year will be at home against the Green Bay Packers. Wouldn’t have it any other way!
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