Previewing the Royals v. Sox Series

Royals vs White Sox liveLet take a moment to remind White Sox fans that the season is still relatively young. Yes, the White Sox currently sit in the cellar of the division. The Bulls and Blackhawks are in the playoffs, the Bears are gearing up for another season after the draft past this week, and the Cubs “seemingly” have a bright future ahead of them. However, depending on how things shake out this season, this may be the last half way decent White Sox team we see for awhile. With the team in what I like to call “Sports Hell”, which is when you a good enough not to get a very good draft slot, but bad enough not to make the playoffs. The Sox need to pick a lane, and run with that direction instead of being stuck in limbo. The reason Sox fans need to know this in this article is because this series will be crucial to knowing the direction the Sox should take. The Royals seem like they want to be good this year, and the Sox seem like they want to be bad. If the Sox take this series I might keep hope alive, depending on how decisively they take it, and if they lose, I’ll be calling for a full rebuild come the trade deadline.

This series will be the first without Gavin Floyd, who is now out for the year with Tommy John surgery, and is a free agent this offseason. According to White Sox insider Scott Merkin, the White Sox will send out Dylan Axelrod on Saturday, Jose Quintana on Sunday, and tentatively Jake Peavy on Monday. The Royals are countering the Sox with their three best: Jeremy Guthrie, Wade Davis, and James Shields. With the matchups set, we can only hope now. The Sox need to pull this series out and continue the South Side’s proud history of success in baseball.

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