2013 Draft Recap: Chicago Cubs

The 2013 draft concluded today and teams could add a maximum of 40 players to  their organization. However, that will not happen as not all players will sign and possibly not even close. Rounds 1 and 2 took place on Thursday, Rounds 3-10 took place yesterday and rounds 11-40 took place today to conclude the draft. The Chicago Cubs are hopeful that numerous of their draftees do pan out, especially 1st round pick, #2 overall 3B Kris Bryant. Here’s the list of all the Cubs 2013 draftees.

Round 1, pick 2: University of San Diego 3B/OF Kris Bryant – Bryant was the best hitter in the draft and was #1 on many experts draft boards. We could see him at Wrigley sooner than later. Bryant is listed as a 3B and the Cubs are planning on leaving him at 3B for now, but scouts expect him to move to the OF. Bryant is 21-years old and here’s a scouting video on him per MLB.com.  Also, ChiCitySports writer Jacob Janower wrote an article on the Cubs 1st round pick and you can find it here.

Round 2, pick 41: Missouri LHP Rob Zastryzny – The Cubs may have took a gamble on Zastrynyz, but he opened eyes at the SEC touranment and raised his draft stock. Zastrynyz is 21-years old and I wrote and article on Zastrynyz and you can find it here.

Round 3, pick 75: Brignam Young CF Jacob Hannermann – At first thought, people thought Hannermann would not sign with the Cubs, but he’s expected too. He’s looking forward to playing for the Cubs and a likely sign now. He’s got comparisons to Boston Red Sox’ Jacoby Ellisbury. Hannermann is 22-years old.

Round 4, pick 108: Kent State RHP Tyler Skulina – Skulina has a lot of upside, but is still raw. He has a good fastball, but needs to work on a changeup to take the next step. Skulina is 21-years old.

Round 5, pick 138: Texas Tech RHP Trey Masek – Masek was a great pick and is a 1st round talent. Masek only drop due to past injuries in college and if he stays healthy, he may be a steal in the draft. Masek is 21-years old. Here’s his scouting report per MLB.com. 

Round 6, pick 168: Pepperdine University RHP Scott Frazier – Frazier has good stuff, but his delievery had concerns at the draft. Frazier is 20-years old. Here’s his scouting report per MLB.com

Round 7, pick 198: Michigan State RHP David Garner – Garner is not the biggest player, but he does not fear batters. He was previously drafted by the Cincinatti Reds in round 33 of the 2010 drafted but opted to go to college. Garner is 20-years old.

Round 8, pick 228: Lamar CC LHP Sam Wilson – Just like Garner, Wilson was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 2010 drafted but opted to attend college. Wilson is 21-years old.

Round 9, pick 258: Willian B Travis High School CF Charcer Burks – Burks is the first high school player drafted by the Cubs. Burks is 18-years old.

Round 10, pick 288: University of Tennessee RHP Zachary Godley – Godley is 23-years old.

Round 11, pick 318: Austin Peay St U C Jordan Hankins – Hankins is 21-years old.

Round 12, pick 348: Heritage High School RHP Trevor Clifton – Clifton is 18-years old. Here’s the scouting report on him per MLB.com.

Round 13, pick 378: Frankin Pierce University RHP Trevor Graham – Graham is 21-years old.

Round 14, pick 408: Houston RHP Daniel Poncedeleon – Poncedeleon is 21-years old.

Round 15, pick 438: University of San Diego RHP Michael Wagner – Wagnder is 21-years old. Here’s the scoting report on him per MLB.com. 

Round 16. pick 468: Cal State – Bakerfield C Cael Brockmeyer – Brockmeyer is 21-years old. Here’s the scouting report on him per MLB.com. 

Round 17, pick 498: North Carolina A&T St U 1B Kelvin Freeman – Freeman is 22-years old.

Round 18, pick 528: Seton Hall U SS Giuseppe Papaccio – Papaccio is 22-years old. Drafted on his birthday, that’s a nice b-day gift.

Round 19, pick 558: Coastal Carolina C Will Remillard – Remillard is 20-years old.

Round 20, pick 588: Mercyhurst Col  2B Zak Blair – Blair is 22-years old.

Round 21, pick 618: Shepherd Col RHP Joshua McCauley – McCauley is 22-years old.

Round 22, pick 648: Bryant U LF Kevin Brown – Brown is 22-years old.

Round 23, pick 678: Marin CC LHP Tyler Ihrig – Ihrig is 21-years old.

Round 24, pick 708: Cypress HS C Tyler Alamo – Alamo is 18-years old. Here’s the scouting report on him per MLB.com. 

Round 25, pick 738: Mid-Pacific Institute OF Marcus Doi – Doi is 18-years old. Here’s the scouting report on him per MLB.com. 

Round 26, pick 768: Southwest Miami HS C Carlos Pena – Pena is 18-years old.

Round 27, pick 798: Villanova U CF Tyler Sciacca – Sciacca is 22-years old.

Round 28, pick 828: Southern Illinois University RF Tyler Renner – Renner is 21-years old.

Round 29, pick 858: Denbigh HS CF John Garcia – Garcia is 17-years old.

Round 30, pick 888: Princeton RHP Zak Hermans – Hermans is 21-years old.

Round 31, pick 918: Iowa Western CC RHP Sean Johnson – Johnson is 18-years old.

Round 32, pick 948: Glendale Col RHP Keaton Leach – Leach is 18-years old.

Round 33, pick 978: Northwest Florida St Col Chris Madera – Madera is 20-years old.

Round 34, pick 1008: Siuslaw HS RHP Jake Thompson – Thompson is 18-years old.

Round 35, pick 1038: Valhalla HS SS Ramsey Romano – Romano is 18-years old.

Round 36, pick 1068: California SS Derek Campbell – Campbell is 21-years old. Here’s the scouting report on him per MLB.com. 

Round 37, pick 1098: Mater Dei HS Jeremy Martinez – Martinez is 18-years old. Here’s the scouting report on him per MLB.com

Round 38, pick 1128: Seymour HS RHP Zach Brown – Brown is 18-years old. Here’s the scouting report on him per MLB.com 

Round 39, pick 1158: Forest HS CF Josh Greene – Greene is 17-years old. Here’s the scouting report on him per MLB.com.

Round 40, pick 1188: Delgado Col LF Patrick Riley – Riley is 20-years old.

Obviously all these players won’t sign with the Cubs as the high school players could decided to go to the high school player or the college player will decided to return to college and try to raise their draft stock. However, the Cubs will try to sign the most players they can and hope they will make it to the majors at some point. Teams can begin to sign their draft players at any time now and we at ChiCitySports.com will have the latest on the signings!

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