Ian Stewart’s Questionable Twitter Comments Leave Him in Trouble With Management

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In what is quite possibly the weirdest Cubs story of the year, Ian Stewart’s twitter comments last night have turned many fans against him, if they weren’t already. The third baseman, who is hitting just .164 with a .625 OPS in the Pacific Coast League, a big hitters league, made comments such as “I think Dale doesn’t like me and he’s running the show” and “There (sic) going to let me ROTT (sic) in Triple A.” He was given the option to decline the option to go to Triple A, yet he accepted it, so he has no reason to complain. Stewart just hit his fifth home run of the season today, which is the same amount that he hit in the majors last season. He has been terrible sans one game in which he hit three home runs, which Javier Baez finds to be easy. Stewart, who is earning $2 million this year told another person, in response to him telling him to quit “why would I quit. I’m making 2 mill in AAA like you would give that up by quitting.” Based on his tweets, it is pretty clear that Stewart needs a big attitude adjustment. He also wiped away any chance of him being called up to the Cubs, even though there was a small chance from the beginning. Cubs General Manager Jed Hoyer had this to say this morning:

    “We spent the entire morning dealing with an issue that doesn’t help us get better as an organization,” “That’s not how we want to spend our time. What he did was really unprofessional and there are going to be consequences. Beyond that, I’m not going to comment.”

The Cubs are unlikely to release him, mainly in part because that is what he wants. They are more likely to just let him play the rest of the season in Triple A, but a small suspension or fine could be imminent.

This is a very sad turn in the tumultuous Cubs career of Ian Stewart. I for one, have been a fan of Stewart up until a couple weeks ago, where he first made incriminating Twitter comments. I figured he could be a huge pickup for the Cubs at third base, and could be at the very least a short term solution there. The change of scenery didn’t help him, and injuries and now Twitter got in the way. He has lost respect from all Cubs fans, who are intent on never supporting him again. He won’t be welcomed back with the big league team if a call-up were to happen, which is why his Cubs career is over.

It has been an eventful few days for Cubs on Twitter, between the Stewart saga and Javier Baez retweeting 100 people last night. We’ll see what the rest of the week has for us fans in the Cubs players Twitter department.

More Stewart tweets (with his grammar errors included) from last night for your own personal enjoyment:

“I honestly believe if Valbuena were to get hurt they wouldn’t call me up. Back up. Just MHO.”

“I meant they might as well release since I  have no shot of a call up…let me sign elsewhere.”

He also retweeted:

“sad part is Stew isn’t an AAA baller. He is a big show baller in an org. With terrible leadership.”

UPDATE: Theo Epstein says that Stewart will be suspended without pay. The amount of games is still TBD.

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