Sox v. Mets Preview

Tyler Greene, David WrightSo the Sox decided to show up in Kansas City and were able to take two out of three from the Royals in their home ballpark, even more┬ásurprisingly the Sox took a game when Jeremy Guthrie and Bruce Chen pitched the same game. Fortunately for fans who can’t stand to see this team lose and unfortunately for fans who want the #1 pick in the MLB Draft come next June, the Sox will not simply lay down for the rest of the season. From the optimists perspective, it is good to see them winning games, but for the people who think it’s over every win is just as painful as a defeat.

This next series the Sox will be taking on the New York Mets, a team known as one of the laughingstocks of the league. Do I care if they lose to them? No. In fact, I am hoping we get swept so that general manager Rick Hahn won’t be fooled into thinking that this team can contend for the playoffs.The Mets by no shape or form are a good team so hopefully a series loss would force Hahn’s hand.

In interesting notes in the series the Sox will face Zack Wheeler, a Mets prospect who has been placed on par with Matt Harvey, thus New York’s rotation should look scary in a couple of years. On the other hand, the Sox will also be facing a pitcher who is winless this season with an ERA above five, I think we are probably looking at a split.

Zack Wheeler 1-0, 0.00 ERA v. Chris Sale 5-6, 2.69 ERA

Shawn Marcum 0-9, 5.76 ERA v. John Danks 1-4, 5.40 ERA

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