The Chicago Bulls reportedly have contacted Nate Robinson and offered him the minimum. Robinson is looking for a lucrative multi-year deal after he had a great season. Not a very high contract, but more than the Bulls could offer. A team will most likely offer Robinson a better contract and he won’t be back next season.

Before last season, the Bulls brought in Robinson to back-up Kirk Hinrich at point guard and when Derrick Rose returned, be the 3rd string point guard. But with Rose not returning all season and Hinrich having an injury every day. Robinson got to play and shined in his time. Robinson is one guy that help the Bulls earn the 5th seed and beat the Brooklyn Nets in the 1st round.

Robinson is one tough guy and through bruises and all, that did not stop him. He even played through the flu this season and was throwing up into a garbage bin on the bench. Did that stop him? Not even a little bit.

Last season, Nate played in all 82 games and average 13.1 points. But that doesn’t show how he really played. Robinson had 2 type of games … GoodNate and BadNate. GoodNate is when he’s making everything and the defense can’t stop him. BadNate is when he’s shooting anywhere and shooting bricks. However, I think we saw GoodNate more than BadNate this season.

I wish the Bulls could offer more to Robinson, but they cannot with the cap. Robinson was a fan favorite and will be missed if he doesn’t re-sign. Robinson said he’d like to stay in Chicago, but still wants a good deal. With that said, Robison likely won’t be back and sign elsewhere.

With Robinson likely to sign elsewhere and Marco Belinelli likely to sign elsewhere as well, the Bulls lost two key contributors last year. Let’s just hope the Bulls know what they’re doing and make a run at the Miami Heat for their money.

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