wrigley field renovation AP photoThe Cubs are making an array of team changes lately, and quite appropriately soon will Wrigley Field. After four years of planning under the Ricketts ownership, Chicago City Council has OK’d the multi-million dollar renovations.

Approval came quickly after council’s zoning committee signed off on the deal after receiving the blessing of alderman Tom Tunney. There was deliberation of the damage that might occur from the additional signs being brought into the neighborhood, but Tunney was finally swayed the Cubs’ way. He agreed to the 5,700-square-foot electronic Jumbotron in left field as well as the right field advertising so as long as the proposed pedestrian bridge connecting Clark Street to Wrigley would be shelved.

Still in question is whether or not any views from the rooftop buildings into Wrigley Field will be obstructed. Lawsuits have been threatened from rooftop owners but we’ll only find out whether or not they take action after construction ends.

Since plans have been in the making since 2009, the deal has received so much criticism and debate due to the controversy of fan appeal versus history and tradition of the ballpark. Despite continuing to draw ticket holders back to the Friendly Confines year after year, it’s been argued whether Wrigley would lose the attraction younger generations without the same amenities most other MLB parks offer.

Some have said the unique charm of the ivy-covered brick walls, retro-style scoreboard, and deeply rooted baseball history aren’t enough to keep fans coming back forever. So today, the Cubs, their fans and now Chicago City Council will be moving forward with visions of a brighter franchise future.

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