A Southside Welcome for A-Rod

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When I heard the news this afternoon, there was no doubt in my mind that A-Rod would receive the Southside welcome only reserved for the worst of foes (think Detroit-Tiger-style).

Alex Rodriguez made his 2013 debut for the New York Yankees as they took on the White Sox in Chicago, this being the same day the MLB announced it would suspend him for 211 games due to his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal.

And really, leave it to A-Rod to steal the show. Anything he did–whether it was walking on the field or playing catch on the sidelines– was met with a choir of boos from the stands. Even when his first at bat produced a single, there was no silencing the crowd. They got louder each at bat, and Hawk Harrelson was having the time of his life in the press booth.

In between the heckling and boos there were some Yankee die-hards to prove that New Yorkers will stand by their man. Well, sorta–

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But even with all the attention on A-Rod, I will admit it was nice to see some life in the stands at U.S. Cellular Field. Sure it helped that the Sox were dominating at the plate, but it was nice to hear reactive crowds (in comparison to the recent drone background noise). But what can ya really say–the good guys were on a 10-game losing streak until tonight. If this isn’t something to celebrate for Southsiders, I don’t know what is.

All in all, the White Sox handily beat the Yankees 8-1 behind Jose Quintana and an army of White Sox bats. There are still two more games to go this series, so plenty more time to get out to the ballpark if you’re feeling particularly feisty about today’s A-Rod ruling.

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