Chicago Bulls United Center Replica Beer Pong Table

Anytime you combine anything having to do with Beer and the Chicago Bulls, you instantly have my interest. Reddit user jsid2 built a replica United Center beer pong table from scratch. Upon seeing it, I suddenly felt a combined feeling of astonishment and utter jealousy.

$250 total for the project. $45 for the piece of wood, paint was around $20. Photos were $25. The real killer was the sealant. It was $45 for 16 sq ft. When i finished I missed 3 tiny, tiny spots. It’s really tough to work with, especially never having used it before. For the combined 3 sq. in of things I needed to cover, I had to pay another $12.

Also, the 5 metal legs I put on and the connector from the wood to the legs was $45 or so. Stain was $10 or so, a lot of the little things (rags, wood glue, wood screws, painter’s tape, items to apply the sealant, ect.) really added up. At first it worried me, but after I went with the nice piece of wood as opposed to press board, I realized I wasn’t going to cut any corners.











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